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Investment Planning

Consulting: We advise entrepreneurial real estate investors in establishing their acquisition strategy, market evaluation, business framework and standards. Planning is important in any worthwhile endeavor and real estate investment can benefit greatly to ensure success. From beginner to seasoned real estate investor, take advantage of our practical hands on experience and strategies.

Real Estate Investment Guidance

Acquisitions & Exit Strategies

We concentrate in asset acquisition and exit strategies for various types of real estate assets that provide a high rate of return on investment.  Residential real estate investment focus in the areas such as condominiums, townhomes, single family and multi-family units.  Commercial real estate investment focus includes mixed use, apartment buildings, and office space.


Business Consulting: Advise and consult investors in establishing their business framework, funding options, business strategies, processes, industry insights and trends.


Management Services: Single point of contact for the management of a real estate investor’s business.  These areas can include strategy, planning, program management, sales operations, contract management, marketing, finance, and legal services.


Operational Services: Perform key support services in areas such as business set-up, business analysis, project management, vendor management, sales enablement and training, marketing, due diligence, acquisition and sales, business and operational reviews.

Risk Management

Risk management in real estate is dependent on many factors such as location, tax district, entity structure, type of real estate, market trends and more. Let us help you create and maintain the best action plan to manage your risk and ensure optimal returns.  We provide a holistic approach for long term success. Let's do this together.

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